WV Comprehensive Behavior Health Commission Legislation Extends Commission’s Work

In March 6, 2012 a House Bill was passed relating to the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Commission; increasing the membership of the Commission and the membership of the Advisory Board to the Commission; reestablishing the Advisory Board; and repealing the termination date of the commission.

[H.B. 4481]

Commission Progress Report Released

WV CBHC latest progress report was released on Jaunary 2012. Click the link below to view the report.

[Transforming West Virginia’s Behavioral Health Systems- Progress Report]
  History of Comission Bills

It is the purpose of the Legislature to encourage the long-term, well-planned development of a comprehensive and cost-effective system of care.

There is created within the Department of Health and Human Resources the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Commission to study the current behavioral health system, including substance abuse and domestic violence when those conditions have an effect upon or are impacted by the system.

[House Concurrent Resolution NO. 110]

[H.B. 4481]

[H.B. 3021]

[S.B. 687]

[H.B. 4488]

Glossary of Terms

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